Do you have sheer love for the outdoors?

Are you looking for a therapeutic escape from your urban routine? Embark on a journey of exploration, as you immerse yourself in Pakistan’s stunning nature. From the majestic mountain ranges, glaciers, high-altitude lakes, meadows and natural springs of the North, to the scenic coastline of the South, our recreational experiences are sure to help you discover wilderness in its purest form, and to leave you in awe and at peace.

bhit Khori

Are you an adventure lover in need of a therapeutic escape from your urban routine? Are you looking for a getaway in the wild to refresh your mind and soul?

With TACTACK, embark on a journey to Bhit Khori, a remote and undiscovered fishing village near Karachi on the scenic coastline of southern Pakistan. With pristine waters, a sun-drenched beach and rocky hills, it promises a rich and engaging experience that combines both sea and land.

“Lovely Bhit Khori” offers swimming, snorkeling, skin-diving, and active beach games, in addition to yoga, trekking and hiking. With reliable and air-conditioned transportation, comfortable camping, a bonfire, musical entertainment and exquisite food, be prepared for a memorable trip that will leave you feeling revitalized and at one with nature.


At TACTACK, we are strong believers that being integrated with Mother Earth is a fundamental part of being human.

Kund Malir beach is a unique gem located in Hingol National Park in Balochistan. Simultaneously featuring rocky mountains, sandy deserts, and a serene ocean, it provides a deep, enriching and one- of-a-kind outdoor experience that is sure to help you discover wilderness in its purest form.

With “Wild Balochistan”, seize the opportunity to swim in Kund Malir’s pure waters, enjoy stimulating beach games, and engage with others around a bonfire as night falls. TACTACK offers comfortable transportation for the four-hour scenic drive from and to Karachi, as well as spacious camping accommodation and good quality food.


Home to some of nature’s most valuable gifts, Gilgit-Baltistan is a mountain paradise tucked away in the northern territories of Pakistan. Featuring awe-inspiring glaciers, high-altitude lakes, natural springs, vast deserts, breathtaking plains, and rich flora and fauna, this region presents all the elements of an authentic mountain experience.

"Blissful Mountains" is a seven to ten-day journey that highlights several of the area’s most beautiful sites. It covers Skardu and Shigar, which are the gateways to Karakoram, one of Gilgit- Baltistan’s most exquisite mountain ranges, as well as Deosai Plateau, Hunza Valley and Khunjerab National Park. Additionally, the trip includes a visit to Fairy Meadows, a lush green plain from where a comfortably manageable trek to Nanga Parbat base camp originates.

Through a variety of activities such as sightseeing, stargazing, boating, horseback riding, and hiking, "Blissful Mountains" is an adventurous journey that immerses you in Pakistan’s nature. It offers a combination of luxury, cottage, villa and camping accommodation.

Unwind in

Are you looking to explore a side of Pakistan you have always heard of but never seen? Are you seeking an intellectually enriching and culturally captivating experience?

With Afghanistan to its west, Swat to its south, Gilgit-Baltistan to its east, and the infamous Wakhan Corridor to its north, it comes as a surprise that Chitrāl is one of Pakistan’s least explored districts. It is the dwelling of the Kalash, a Dardic indigenous people that belongs to one of the world’s most enchanting yet endangered civilizations. Nature and earth play a significant role in the Kalash’s daily and spiritual lives. With very unique principles and societal traditions, it is a truly remarkable and stimulating journey to witness them in the context of their home.

“Unwind in Chitrāl” offers the opportunity to visit Chitrāl Gol National Park, Markhor sighting, and Bumburet, the largest and most beautiful of the three Kalash valleys. With sparkling streams, lush meadows, sweeping mountain vistas, and mulberry, apricot and walnut trees, Bumburet’s abundant resources are worshipped by the Kalash.

TACTACK provides luxurious accommodation at Hindukush Heights. Known for its friendly staff, spectacular views, vegetable gardens and organic food, it is amongst the top 101 hotels in the world.


Ranikot Fort, also known as “Dewar e Sindh” (Great Wall of Sindh) lies in the province of Sindh, less than four hours away from Karachi. With a periphery wall that is approximately 30 kilometres in length, it is arguably the world’s largest fort. Within its boundaries stand two smaller forts: “Miri”, the palace of the royal family, and “Shergarh”, strategically located at the peak of the range. Sweetwater springs and ponds magically emerge in between natural limestone formations, bringing a mysterious and surreal aura to an otherwise mountainous desert context.

In the orb of nights, “Magical Ranikot” offers adventure lovers swimming, stargazing, and mesmerizing full moon treks that are further lit by the glow of the water and limestone in the moonlight. TACTACK provides comfortable tent accommodation, as well as good quality food and air-conditioned transportation to and from the site.


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