TACTACK Co-Founders

Absar Khan

Absar was diagnosed with terminal Leukemia at the age of three, but recovered from it years later. His sickness led to a sincere appreciation of life, a sensitive connection to the natural world, and a love for exploration and adventure. After qualifying for and practicing law in England for a decade, Absar felt that the corporate world had damaged his vibrant childhood personality.

He left his career and moved to Pakistan in a journey of self-rediscovery. As he explored his home country, he searched for inner peace and passion, and found them both in nature.

Imad Gharazeddine

Imad was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. While studying software engineering in Canada, he became intrigued by the world of finance. After practicing software engineering for two years in the USA, he moved to Dubai, where he shifted to the business side of his field. There, Imad discovered his love for the sea and extreme water sports. Paired with his dream of pursuing meaningful entrepreneurial experiences, his newfound interests led him to TACTACK.