We are believers in future generations’ power to bring about positive change. As such, we provide intellectually enriching outdoor education programmes that leave our youth with a strong appreciation for the gifts of nature and the efforts involved in maintaining them. Our eco-tours promote environmental responsibility and encourage a critical understanding of how our actions as citydwellers impact our ecosystems. They awaken students’ curiosities, foster their interest, nurture their innate creativity, and instill genuine love for the environment and empathy for the local communities that protect it.

While these trips are informative learning opportunities, they are also highly enjoyable for all those involved and present an often much-needed getaway from city life. With air-conditioned transportation, good quality refreshments, and an experienced team of marshals supervising all activities, educational institutions are assured a safe, well-planned and meticulously executed journey for their students.

Eco-Tour at
Organic Orchard

Organic gardening is an earth skill that has the power to awaken an individual’s curiosity and instill a love for nature in them. The process involves growing plants without the use of pollutants such as chemical fertilizers. Along with environmental benefits, there are numerous mental and physical health benefits of organic gardening. All the activities conducted help foster an interest in the environment and promote a sense of responsibility in the students.

This eco-tour will provide children of all ages an insight in to how they can create a green space for themselves in an urban setting. In our experience, TACTACK has witnessed how this eco-tour has sown seeds of initiative within young individuals to take control of their environment by utilizing nature to improve upon their body, mind and spirit. To help facilitate this growth, all participants will get to plants seeds in a pot which they will get to take home where they can help it grow from the skills they have learnt. The students will depart feeling closer to nature, and armed with the knowledge of how to create their own organic garden.

Eco-Tour at
Keenjhar Lake

The first leg of this eco-tour introduces students to the Makli graveyard (situated near the city of Thatta), which is one of the largest graveyards in the world and a UNESCO heritage site. The children will explore the tombs, understand a brief history of the place, and appreciate the efforts involved in maintaining such a historical site. The next stop will be Keenjhar Lake, which is situated along the Indus flyway. The lake is a major source of water for Karachi, and is one of the largest freshwater lakes in Pakistan. It also supports rich biological diversity, and is a Wildlife sanctuary and a Ramsar site. Students will then embark on a boat ride to the Noori Jam Tamachi shrine, which is located in the middle of Keenjhar Lake.

Through this eco-tour students will gain a better understanding of a major area surrounding Karachi, one that acts as an essential water source. This will be of particular interest to Pakistan Studies students who will gain knowledge about water distribution throughout our region. They will leave this tour with a greater appreciation of the origins of the vital resources that most city dwellers tend to take for granted.

Baba Island

With its enormous coastline, it comes as no surprise that fishing is a major profession for many locals in Pakistan. Kemari Town is the main coastal town in Karachi on Hawke's Bay, and it is one of the oldest areas of Karachi. Baba Island is one of the smallest neighbourhoods in kemari, and it is separated from the mainland. Students taking this eco-tour will witness how this separation from the mainland has led to neglect of the area by the government, and how strong the fisherfolk of this region are to be able to gather resources to support themselves and their families.

The students will return home with an in-depth appreciation regarding island communities, and a better understanding of how they can actively impact their immediate surroundings and bring about positive change to their local neighbourhood.


Students will be taken for a visit of our coast nearest to where we live. Seaview is a popular commercial area that students are accustomed to seeing, but during this trip they will be encouraged to explore it with a more critical lens. The key features will be a part of the interactive discussion during the drive along Seaview coast after which students will be expected to note observations and investigate the consequences of irresponsible tourism and the damaging practices of local industries.

The tour will continue onto the shoreline where students will observe and discuss a number of topics outlined in the learning objectives. Students will end this tour with a sense of responsibility that will help shape their decisions in the future regarding topics such as littering or pollution.

Adventure at
Bhit Khori

Students will be taken for a day trip to Bhit Khori (approximately an hour and a half drive followed by a fifteen minutes walk). Once at Bhit Khori, there will be an orientation where students will be given instructions on how to have responsible fun and details about the activities that will be carried out. While this trip is more adventure than education based, there is still plenty students are able to learn from it.

Students will experience snorkeling (life jackets will be provided) and swimming in the sparkling waters of Bhit Khori, and experience a day of outdoor adventure. They will also enjoy beach games such as volleyball, tug of war and raft building as well as trekking. The children will leave Bhit Khori mentally and spiritually at peace, in a manner that can only be achieved through healthy physical exertion and integration with nature.


One of Pakistan’s significant national parks is Hingol National Park (Balochistan) and it covers an amazing area of 1650 square kilometers. Kund Malir is a breath-taking beach located within that area, and it known to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The drive to Kund Malir itself is a scenic one and will enable students to see the natural beauty in their country. Along the Makran Coastal Highway, students will be able to witness beautiful rock formations, Hingol mud volcanoes, a number of birds and other species.

Students will have a fun day at Kund Malir beach where they will be able to dip their feet in the water, play in the clean sand and enjoy a few hours of fresh air and an endless coastline. They will get to compare Kund Malir to the beaches they have been to previously, think about why these differences exist and critically analyse human involvement in nature. They will leave this trip knowing more about their country and all the beauty and natural resources it has to offer.


An introduction to yoga and physical exercises that help children develop self-awareness. Children will be guided by an experienced instructor to observe their surroundings and integrate the peace and strength of nature with body balancing exercises.

This will provide fun and practical experiences for children to develop confidence and trust their instincts. The workshop will be held outdoors in an open, natural environment to promote mental and physical well-being and a feeling of being connected to Mother Earth. We believe that the integration of mindfulness in a young individuals life helps them become aware of their strength and empowers them.