We have learnt that being integrated with nature is a fundamental part of being human. It brings us inner peace, and in turn, puts us in a mindset that is conducive to human bonding. TACTACK therefore offers business executives tailored corporate tours that provide the chance to interact with each other as well as members of local communities in undiscovered natural havens across Pakistan.

Whether in the mountains, at sea, or in rural farmland settings, these escapes are guaranteed to build healthier teams and further professional development through collaborative physical exertion and stimulating activities. With transportation that boasts comfort, luxurious accommodation, exquisite food and impeccable execution, be prepared for a fulfilling and intangible experience of high added-value!

The Executive

Are you an executive in need of a therapeutic escape from the stress of your urban life? Is your corporate group looking to bond through meaningful and stimulating interactions?

We at TACTACK believe that being integrated in nature refreshes your mind, fosters inner peace, and helps you deeply connect with your colleagues. Because we understand that your needs are unique, we present you with the exclusive chance to design your very own tailored journey to cater to them.

Giving you ultimate flexibility to select your preferred destination and customize your activities, “The Executive Experience” represents the bespoke nature of our high-value service. Whether you seek to explore Pakistan’s majestic mountain ranges, swim in it’s high-altitude lakes, dwell in it’s farmlands or tackle it’s waves at sea, this trip offers you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to further your professional development, and build a healthier team.


Situated near Mubarak Village on the scenic coastline of southern Pakistan, Bhit Khori is a remote and undiscovered haven. With pristine waters and a sun-drenched beach, it promises a rich and relaxing sea experience.

“Exclusive Ocean” gives business executives and corporate groups the opportunity to engage with each other through collaborative activities that are guaranteed to nurture a sense of fulfilment and joy. TACTACK offers swimming, snorkeling, skin-diving and jet skiing, in addition to treks, hikes and stimulating games. With comfortable transportation and accommodation, exquisite food, meticulous planning and impeccable execution, be prepared for a memorable trip that will leave you and your team feeling refreshed and rewarded!


For all the thrill seekers and adrenaline-junkies, an action-packed day at sea awaits!

“Adventure Climax” is a high-intensity ocean experience that is sure to help you get away from traditional corporate life. In addition to activities such as jet skiing, speed-boat rides, water games and quad biking, TACTACK offers optional drone photography and videography to capture all the fun. Business executives and teams enjoy reliable and air-conditioned transportation to and from the beach, as well as hut or mass tent accommodation, catered meals and musical entertainment.

TACTACK provides a well-trained staff of nature-loving enthusiasts to ensure the highest levels of comfort and safety, enhancing our guests’ experiences and allowing them to bring about the most positive change to themselves and their teams.

The Executive

Home to some of nature’s most valuable gifts, Gilgit-Baltistan is a paradise tucked away in the northern territories of Pakistan. Featuring awe-inspiring glaciers, high-altitude lakes, natural springs, breathtaking plateaus, and rich flora and fauna, this region promises a truly authentic outdoor experience.

Amidst the Karakoram, one of Gilgit-Baltistan’s most exquisite mountain ranges, lies the valley town of Shigar. Here, business executives and corporate teams can stay at the luxurious Serena Shigar Fort, a seventeenth century palace restored into a heritage boutique guesthouse that gives guests the opportunity to step back in time and immerse themselves in a journey of history and culture.

Through silent treks, meditation and yoga, “Executive Journey” is a therapeutic retreat of mindfulness and self-discovery. It offers healthy meals that cleanse your body and help align your mind and soul. Join us in the heart of Pakistan, as you heighten your awareness of yourself and your team, and find happiness from within.


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